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Some of these are housed in the same building as traditional food stalls in what are known as “cooked food centres” – a building combining wet markets and eateries.

In these instances, these wet markets are not exclusively limited to selling “wet” goods – sometimes, you can find produce like spices and sweets in small shops, too.

Andrea Lo Ever felt curious about traditional “wet markets” across the city, where poultry dangles from shopfronts, live seafood swim in tanks, and fresh vegetables are displayed in plastic baskets – all in a no-frills setting?

Well, be curious no more – we’ve made it easy for you to shop at the wet market, with the low-down on goods you can buy and how exactly you can go about it. Just remember: this is your chance to buy some of the freshest produce possible. A wet market is one that sells fresh poultry, seafood, pigs and even reptiles – often live ones – as opposed to “dry” markets, which offers packaged or frozen meats. It is possible to choose a fish and for the vendor to kill and scale it before you take it home.

You can even custom-make your sauce as a fun and creative twist, or purchase the dry pasta to cook in your hotel room.