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Although he was not overtly political, Rustichelli did work on several political films.

Gilles Pontecorvo's Kapò (1960) weighs a Jewish teenage orphan's redemption and self-sacrifice in a Polish concentration camp, and Rustichelli echoes this with twisted baroque music, while Nanni Loy's Detenuto in attesa di giudizio (Why?

Local and international press descend upon the scene, hoping to crack open the true story behind the death of this young man, who, at the age of twenty-seven, had already become Italy’s most wanted criminal and celebrated hero. Read more » February 23, 2004 With Salvatore Giuliano (1961), Francesco Rosi developed the style and method that would make him, during the sixties and seventies, the greatest political filmmaker of his time.

Filming in the exact locations and enlisting a cast of native Sicilians once impacted by the real Giuliano, director Francesco Rosi harnessed the facts and myths surrounding the true story of the bandit’s death to create a startling exposé of Sicily and the tangled relations between its citizens, the Mafia, and government officials.

As well as light social comedies, Rustichelli raucously scored broader farces.

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