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"The wrong film at the wrong time" was the characterization voiced by a member of the Nestlé executive management in conversation with the authors.

But Nestlé is still attempting to create the impression of pursuing a policy of open communication.

Nonetheless, as the responsible film production company, we at Dok Lab would like to respond to this publication. Nestlé was not convinced that this would be the case with the film, Bottled Life. Nestlé is a responsible company that is committed to compliance with all laws and regulations related to our business, including water use, consumer communication and codes of business conduct.

In the following text, the Q&A by Nestlé is shown in italics. Nestlé confirms its refusal of discussion on the pretense of wanting to protect the corporation and its staff from unfair representation in the film.

Fact is that Nestlé not only refused any discussion with respect to "Bottled Life", but also in relation to the US-made film "Tapped", a publication also dealing with the problematic nature of bottled water.